Virtual Desktop: Security for the Modern Workplace

by | Nov 21, 2020 | Technology | 0 comments

Today’s workplace is designed for mobility and flexibility. Security must be a priority.


The modern workplace has changed — perhaps permanently. With remote work becoming more prevalent, so also has the need for securing our data against malicious attacks. 

With a virtual desktop environment, like Windows Virtual Desktop, employees can use a web browser to log into their desktop and all of their apps, which are located in the cloud. Desktops are deployed inside of a highly controlled environment, where policy management is native to the environment. Features like multi-factor authentication, conditional access, and endpoint detection and response tools are integrated to provide the highest level of security for the remote workplace. 

Watch the webinar hosted by RAKE Digital and Dominion Risk Advisors which addresses some of the common concerns with modern workplace security, and how to mitigate risk using Windows Virtual Desktop.

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