For Us, it’s Seamless

About us.

We define ourselves by our seamless integration with our customers. 

Seamless Communication

Our experts communicate with yours every step of the way to ensure your needs are met, while always offering you the full extent of our resources.

Seamless Teams

Our team works together seamlessly internally, with daily company-wide update meetings and a sunlit, open office space conducive to constant communication.

Seamless Products

Our solutions, as well, work seamlessly within your existing systems, such that “it just works,” while we work behind the scenes to make sure it does, in fact, work.

Seamless Faith

Our mission is to honor God with every interaction: with our customers and with each other. Everything we do is seamlessly intertwined with our Christian faith.

Our values.

Actually Care.

Every one of us at RAKE Digital knows firsthand the power of a leader who cares about their team. We care about yours.

Shut up and Listen.

Every organization has a story behind it. We listen to your story, so that our solutions can meet the needs of your unique DNA.

Create Creatively.

Sometimes the answer isn’t obvious. We have found that the best solutions are discovered through creative thinking.

The Fluff Matters.

Fluff means maintaining a professional style, with a touch of perfectionism. We love fluff, and apply it to everything we do.


Do it Seamlessly.

Everything we do is integrated with our customers, with each other, and with our faith. It is truly, genuinely seamless. 

Knowledge Share

 We love to share insights and ideas to support your mission.

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We love what we do...
And we'd love to work with you. 😉

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About Us


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We are a cloud and digital solutions provider. Our team of professionals create custom solutions that are part strategy, part design, and part technology.