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This changes everything. 

Daily client funds reconciliation is one of the most critical, yet daunting, tasks faced by payroll service bureaus. The process can take multiple hours every day to complete, and keeping track of every variance can be even more overwhelming. 

We used our years of service bureau experience and top-tier software design to create Assure, platform:HR’s reconciliation management module. Assure has everything you need to ensure that you are holding the right amount of money for every client every day. Each day, follow an easy-to-use workflow that identifies reconciling items in your database and uses this data to create individual, drag-and-drop issues on a Kanban board. With just a few clicks, new issues are added each day and the issues that have been resolved are closed. 

We want you to rest every night knowing that your service bureau’s funds are reconciled among your clients’ assets and liabilities. This tool will verify the accuracy of your accounting every single day, so that no variance is missed or overlooked. 


The end result isn’t just about numbers. It’s about your peace of mind.

We offer full service Assure packages, with complete daily bank and client funds reconciliation, and hands-on support to work with you on resolving variances and reconciling items. If you’d rather do your own reconciliation, we offer basic packages that include customized configuration services, on-demand support, and full software access.

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Seamless Reconciliation

Client funds reconciliation for payroll service bureaus by RAKE Digital.

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