24x7 Cloud Monitoring & Support

Our certified cloud experts are available…

…at any hour of any day. Your environment is under constant monitoring with our state-of-the-art cloud platforms and self service integrations. Our team is based in Salem, Virginia, so your communication is never offshore and our response is always timely; we work on your schedule, in the evenings, on weekends, and any other time you need us.

Cloud Management Platform

Our customized, easy-to-use Platform:HR portal will let you take control of your cloud environment with real-time updates and in-depth consumption and efficiency reports. We developed it specifically for environments hosting sensitive data, professional service organizations in particular, so that you can see your environment’s status and performance in just a few clicks. Platform:HR is designed to be your all-inclusive cloud management tool. 

24x7 Network Operations Center

Let us be a seamless extension of your team with our highly skilled cloud architects and dedicated cloud IT experts always available. We maintain open channels of communication so that you can contact us whenever you need us, whether it’s to troubleshoot your cloud environment or simply to get a quick update. We want you to be perfectly relaxed knowing that our team is always taking care of your environment to maintain 100% uptime. 

Our Technologies

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications through global Microsoft-managed data centers. Azure is what we do.

DataDog is a cloud monitoring service, offering a customizable SaaS-based data analytics platform for monitoring servers, databases, tools, and apps. We use it to monitor our cloud environments 24x7 with a customized dashboard and data analytics.

Site24x7 is a monitoring solution, including website, server, cloud, and network monitoring. We see our Site24x7 customized dashboard constantly updating on our office screens so we can view the status of each environment in real time. 

Seamless Assurance

Nonstop cloud monitoring and support services by RAKE Digital.

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