Managed DevOps

We’re delivering software more seamlessly than ever before.

Let our experienced cloud architects exceed your expectations with the DevOps process, using state-of-the-art platforms custom-built to your organization’s needs. We’ve automated and standardized to speed up delivery and implementation of software, making it better than ever before. From development to staging to deployment, our expert cloud engineers will provide an immutable environment for a seamless software pipeline.

What Can We Provide For You?

  • Guidance for cloud-specific software development
  • Automated cloud scaling and recovery
  • Simplified code deployment with Azure-customized containers


  • Infrastructure-as-code automation
  • Configured and customized self-service infrastructure
  • Continuous integration/continuous deployment monitoring


  • 24x7 support and monitoring
  • Continuous delivery for ongoing staging and testing prior to deployment
  • Automated systems for every step of the process

Our Technologies

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications through global Microsoft-managed data centers. Azure is what we do.

Jenkins is an open-source automation server providing plugins to assist in the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery of software. Jenkins serves as the environment in which CI/CD is automated and accomplished.

Windows PowerShell is a task automation framework replacing the older model, Command Prompt. We use it to automate many of our processes to minimize human error in everyday tasks and optimize our time management.

Docker is a collection of SaaS and PaaS services that enables seamless creation, sharing, and deployment of software to the cloud. By containerizing software our team keeps everything the software needs in one place, shipping it all out as one package.

Helm is a Kubernetes package manager that helps manage Kubernetes applications to streamline installation and management of charts (packages of pre-configured Kubernetes resources).

Bitbucket is a web-based platform for storing and sharing source code and development projects. It acts as a library for our internal and external resources that our team can access and share across the network.

Seamless DevOps

Iterate faster with fewer defects using a CICD solution by RAKE Digital.

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