Managed Enterprise IT

Our team works seamlessly with yours to meet your organization’s ever-increasing needs.

Your organization is growing, and we can help you meet those increasing demands. Our team will integrate with yours seamlessly, allowing you to rely on us completely for your IT needs. We can handle everything from major crashes to simple daily support tickets, with nearly-instant response time. We guarantee 24x7 support for all of your organization’s needs, so you can rest easy knowing RAKE Digital is taking care of it.

IT Help/Service Desk

We provide 24x7x365 support for your organization’s technical needs directly from our Salem, VA-based office. Outsource your IT Service Desk to a company with award-winning expertise in cloud technology and so much more. Contact us at any time of day or night to get instant access to a dedicated service desk agent.


Database Administration

Our team is certified in Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Visual Basic, and many other technologies, in order to maintain your databases securely and succinctly. We offer a full suite of options for the security, compliance with industry standards, and 100% uptime of your database, with 24×7 access to our team.

Project Management

We’ll work seamlessly with third parties and your staff to coordinate success exactly as you envisioned it, in any area of the business. With near-instant response times and a wide variety of professional experiences, our team is prepared to assist with whatever projects your organization has in mind.

Microsoft Office 365

We know Microsoft Office like the back of our hand, from Word to Excel to Access and beyond. We offer Microsoft Office 365 as a service to our clients for collaboration, data sharing, and general everyday business use. Let us help you implement cloud computing in every aspect of your business. 

Our Technologies

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications through global Microsoft-managed data centers. Azure is what we do.

Microsoft Office 365 is a line of cloud-based subscription services including apps such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. We offer these apps as a service to our clients.

Microsoft Windows Server is a set of operating systems designed by Microsoft. We use Windows 2016 and later as modernized operating systems acting as a bridge between on-premises environments and Azure.

Windows PowerShell is a task automation framework replacing the older model, Command Prompt. We use it to automate many of our processes to minimize human error in everyday tasks and optimize our time management.

Microsoft SQL Server is a SQL-based database management system designed for corporate applications to store and retrieve data for applications across the network. Our entire team is proficient in SQL scripting.

Ubuntu is an open-source software Linux operating system with built-in firewall and virus protection–one of the most secure OS in the industry.

Auth0 is a platform offering authentication and authorization as a service. We use Auth0 to seamlessly integrate authorization schemes to allow our users secure access to their apps and services.

MongoDB is a free document database storing data in flexible, JSON-like documents.The tool’s queries, indexing, and real time aggregation allow us to access and analyze our data quickly and powerfully.

Ethereum is a blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system upon which developers build and run programming code. We use Ethereum to deploy blockchain technologies as a service.

Elasticsearch is a powerful distributed RESTful search and analytics engine developed and hosted by Elastic. Elastic centrally stores data making data analytics easier than ever before.

Seamless Enterprise IT

Office365 and workforce modernization solutions by RAKE Digital.

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