Managed Security & Compliance

Your security and compliance standards are woven seamlessly into everything we do.

We work tirelessly to ensure that your environment is hosted securely and compliant to your industry’s standards. Our team of cloud security experts will work with you to meet those standards at every turn, matching cutting-edge technology with rigorous standards and expectations, seamlessly.

  1. Evaluate your current solution and assess its strategy for meeting standards.
  2. Outline the best approach to meet your compliance requirements.
  3. Implement DevSecOps best practices into all of our procedures.
  4. Automate implementation processes to reduce human error.
  5. Provide ongoing risk assessments and disaster planning.
  6. Create, audit, and securely store backups of data as frequently as every 15 minutes.
  7. Reassess compliance and security goals and expectations regularly.

Our Technologies

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications through global Microsoft-managed data centers. Azure is what we do.

DataDog is a cloud monitoring service, offering a customizable SaaS-based data analytics platform for monitoring servers, databases, tools, and apps. We use it to monitor our cloud environments 24x7 with a customized dashboard and data analytics.

Terraform is an open-source infrastructure-as-code software tool enabling the building, changing, and versioning of infrastructure safely and efficiently. We use Terraform to help build our cloud infrastructures.

Bitbucket is a web-based platform for storing and sharing source code and development projects. It acts as a library for our internal and external resources that our team can access and share across the network.

Stackpath is a secure edge platform, providing a secure environment for building security, performance, and control seamlessly into everything we do. It includes a content delivery network (CDN), WAF, DNS, and monitoring–all in one subscription.

Auth0 is a platform offering authentication and authorization as a service. We use Auth0 to seamlessly integrate authorization schemes to allow our users secure access to their apps and services.

Elasticsearch is a powerful distributed RESTful search and analytics engine developed and hosted by Elastic. Elastic centrally stores data making data analytics easier than ever before.

Wasabi is a cloud storage solution within the AWS cloud, that provides us with a more robust security system. We use Wasabi to store backups of data for disaster recovery purposes.

Tenable is a security platform designed to identify, investigate, and prioritize vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Our team uses Tenable as a layer of protection against risks and human error.

Seamless Security

Cloud security and compliance solutions by RAKE Digital.

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