Client Funds Reconciliation

The proof is in the data.

Your bank account balances are only a part of the story. We offer complete reconciliation, including bank reconciliation and client funds reconciliation, to give you a full picture of your accounts to track variances. Let us take the weight off of you with full-service or self-service reconciliation packages that ease this time-consuming and tedious daily process. Our reconciliation services will provide you with full peace of mind that your funds are balanced and any variances are recorded and being resolved. 

Full Service Reconciliation

We’ll take care of every step in the reconciliation process with our full service reconciliation package. From bank reconciliation to identification of issues down to the company and tax liability level, let us do the tedious work each day. Our experts will complete every step every day. We’ll provide you with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop Kanban board that tracks variances through to their resolution, keeping you up to date with issues as they arise. Then, we’ll work with you to research and resolve those variances. Rest easy with the assurance that your reconciliation is accurate and complete every day. 

Self Service Reconciliation

If you’d rather complete reconciliation in-house, take advantage of full access to Assure by RAKE Digital, platform:HR’s reconciliation management module. Assure provides you with all the necessary tools to complete the client funds reconciliation process simply and efficiently, including a Kanban board to track issues as they arise. Every day Assure adds new reconciling items to the board and verifies that items marked as completed have been resolved. The proof is in the data. For more information on Assure and to schedule a demo, click here

Seamless Reconciliation

Bank and client funds reconciliation by RAKE Digital.

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